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The Tree of Hidden Treasures

Just before Christmas, I was asked to do a piece of art for the cover of a CD. The content of the CD was a West Virginia storyteller that I knew from my Governor's School for the Arts days. He is quite the accomplished storyteller, musician and artist and I was truly honored to be asked for undertake this project. I decided to do a tree. My husband and I always start a huge and tiny-pieced puzzle when it gets cold here in the mountains. This year we decided to re-do the Ravensburger puzzle with the crazy bookshelves. There are hidden staircase and secret passages in every nook and cranny and creative uses of angles and backgrounds. I wanted to create this tree with the same kind of discoveries hidden in the chaos. The tree is the same one on the home page of this website! I put different elements from the stories into the design. I received a poster and three copies of the CD the other day and they look amazing.

This is the poster and CD. They were photographed and look beautiful!

Here is a closer view of the CD cover.

I am completely honored and humbled by this opportunity. Please check out Adam's website for more information!